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The Department of Information Management was established in 2002, followed by the establishment of the Master’s degree program in 2004. After decades of development and expansion of the education system, the Department’s core competencies are focused on information management and healthcare technology, cultivating future IT talents in the healthcare technology industry of Taiwan.


Department features

The department educates and cultivates talents with academic programs, research and industry–academia collaboration. In terms of education, students are taught the skills to cope with the rapid-changing information environment. To cater to the needs of students, the Department offers students the choice of three professional elective curriculums on Healthcare Informatics, Information Technology and Management Decision, augmenting the requisite programs on basic foundation and core competencies; students may select the electives based on their interests and expertise. In terms of research and industry–academia collaboration, the Department is actively engaged in collaborative alliances with medical institutions and the healthcare industry, fostering deeper collaboration with the industry and addressing the industry’s need for talents. In general, the goal of the Department’s curriculum is to cultivate core competencies of information management and healthcare technology; students will develop proficiency in management skills for information technology and healthcare industry, which is in line with NTUNHS’s emphasis on healthcare. In addition, the Department assists students in obtaining the essential professional certificates necessary to become highly competitive and professional talents.


Career advancement

Education advancement: our faculty is a stepping stone to renowned information management research institutes in the country; past graduates have successfully enrolled into post-graduate education institutions at renowned schools such as National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, National Tsing Hua University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Central University and National Chung Cheng University.

Employment: students of our faculty are trained to be proficient in the disciplines of information management and healthcare technology, and have a wide scope of development opportunities after graduation. For the curriculum on healthcare informatics, graduates can apply their knowledge and skills in the development and creation of an information system for the healthcare industry, management of medical imaging and database systems, and maintenance of medical information networks. The ranks of our alumni include mid- and high-level executives of information technology departments in major medical centers and medical institutions. For the curriculum on information system, graduates can pursue a career as a system developer, programmer, network manager or project manager; our alumni have found career opportunities in medium and large enterprises such as Asus, Chunghwa Telecom and Evergreen Group. For the curriculum on management and decision, graduates can work in the fields of e-commerce, community management, data analysis and mining.

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