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Meeting Room Booking

Booking of Meeting Room, Department of Information Management (F1205)

  • General rule: the meeting room is for use only by the faculty and students of the Department of Information System (priority is given to meetings held by the department office).
  • Booking method: please fill out the following → 
  • Meeting room must be booked no later than two days before use. Booking will be noted in the calendar below; please check whether booking is completed before using the room. 
  • After using the room, turn off all lights and air-conditioning, and close all doors and windows. Return the used equipment back to their original positions, and restore the room back to its original condition.
  • Damaged or lost property from the room or the environment during the booked period will be subjected to compensation regulations of the Department.
  • For questions regarding the usage of the room, please call extension 1221 or 1222 of the department office. 
  • The booking calendar will be updated according to changes in booked hours. If there is a mistake on the calendar, please contact the department office for update.